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Arkansas Refunders

Wouldn't it be great to find someone near you, that enjoys this great hobby also. Or maybe share a good deal alert, stores that carry forms, double couponing, store specials, etc. If you would like to be listed here, drop me an email. Let's help each other!

Well now you can. I have created a list for all Arkansas refunders to join and share all the great info that is needed to find the bargains, forms and anything else of use to a refunder. To join, just click the Join List icon below. If you have any questions, just email me. Let's start sharing.

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Cassey Waitkus


Becky Pool

Ft. Smith

Kay Speer


Carlette Jones
Linda Ghormley


Vickie Clemets clem


Alicia Rushing
Janelle Nokes


Elaine Reed
Mabel Dietrich


Melinda (Mendy) Dinsmore

You are vistor number #.....since 1/07/98............

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