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Stop by #refunders^haven for a friendly chat with my friends and I. We use a server. We welcome all new refunders to stop in and chat. You can download mIRC by clicking the icon above. It is a great site and very helpful. We chat alot and even get some good trades going on. Most of us are long time refunders and can try and help answer any questions you might have on refunding or coupon shopping. We share good deals and lots of other info. Please stop by sometime. We meet nightly about 8pm est. My nick is MenD and look forward to seeing you there.

Some lingo and 's used on IRC

:( sad smiley
{ } hugs & kisses
:-) happy smiley
:* kiss
O:-) user is a angel(well they think they are prob..hehehe)
}:-) = smiley with part in hair
:) = smiley face
;) = winky
%-) = smiley with crossed eyes
:/ = frown
:-> = evil grin
:`) = crying smiley
@---``--- = long stem rose
1m=One Minute
10Q=Thank You
AFK=Away From Keyboard
AKA=Also Know As
AAMOF=As A Matter Of Fact
B4 = Before
BAC=By Any Chance
BAG=Busting A Gut (Laughing)
BBFN=Bye Bye For Now
BBL=Be Back Later
BCNU=Be Seeing You
BRB=Be Right Back
BTA=But Then Again
BTW=By The Way
BWG=Big Wide Grin
CUL=See You Later
CU L8R =See You Later
CYA=Cover Your A**
CYL=See You Later
DH=Dear(at least the ladies so claim)Husband
DIIK=Damned If I Know
DLG=Devilish Little Grin
DTRT=Do The Right Thing
ELG=Evil Little Grin
EMFBI=Excuse Me For Butting In
EOD=End Of Discussion
FAQ=Frequently Asked Question
FDROTFL=Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing
FIL=father in law
FOAF=Friend of A Friend
FOTCL=Falling Off The Chair Laughing
FWIW=For What It's Worth
FYEO=For Your Eyes Only
FYI=For Your Information
GD&R=Grin, Duck & Run
GGP=Gotta Go Potty
GIWIST=Gee I Wish I'd Said That
GLG=Goofy Little Grin
GLGH=Good Luck and Good Hunting
GMTA=Great Minds Think Alike
GO PRI=Send Private Mail
GOK=God Only Knows
GOTFIA =Groaning On The Floor In Agony
GR 8=Great
HB=Happy Birthday
HHTYAY=Happy Holidays to You and Yours
IAC=In Any Case
IAE=In Any Event
ICOCBW=I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong
IMCO=In My Considered Opinion
IMCDO=In My Conceited Dogmatic Opinion
IMHO=In My Humble Opinion {Humble can also be Honest}
IMO=In My Opinion
IMNSHO=In My Not So Humble Opinion
IOW=In Other Words
JK or J/K = Just Kidding
JAS = Just A Sec
KISS=Keep It Simple Stupid
LOL =Laughing out loud
LMAO=Laughing My A** Off
LMK=Let Me Know
LTMSH= Laughing 'Til My sides Hurt
LTNT=Long Time, No Type
MIL =mother in law
MLA =Multiple Letter Acronym
M/F =Male Or Female
MOTAS =Member of the Appropriate Sex
MOTOS =Member of the Opposite Sex
MOTSS =Member of the Same Sex
NBFD=No Big Friggin' Deal [Can I use "Friggin"?]
NP=No Problem
OIC =Oh, I See
OTOH =On The Other Hand
PFM=Pure Fantastic Magic
PITA=Pain In The A**
PLMK=Please Let Me Know
POV=Point Of View
ROFL=Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO=Rolling On Floor Laughing My A** Off
RSN=Real Soon Now
SYSOP=System Operator
TDM=Too Damn Many
TIA=Thanks In Advance
TIC=Tongue In Cheek
TTFN=Ta Ta For Now
TTYL=Talk To You Later
TYVM =Thank You Very Much
UR=You Are
VBG=Very Big Grin
WB=Welcome Back

Using all caps when typing, means screaming or yelling...and it is NOT allowed in some channels

Another good site to check out is's Homepage

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