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Coupon and Refunding Terms

afk = away from keyboard
aka = also know as
B&H = Benson & Hedges
BoGo = buy ? get ? free(such as b2g1f)
btw = by the way
CBAD= Chef Boy Ar Dee
cnote = Camel cig proof
cash plus or money plus offer= form requiring a handling fee for postage or for the item
cashoff = coupon
CB = Cardboard backing
c/o = cashoff, cents off coupon
cd = complete deal, which has everything you need to get a refund
code form = a form only requiring a crt and number written on the crt
Cow Chips= Proofs of purchase symbol from MooTown products
coufund = a coupon & refund, but doesn't have to be mailed, you can use it at the store, most have you attach upc's
crt = cash register tape, also known as tapes
dcrt = dated cash register tape
envie = envelope
EPOP = each pays on postage
F = form
FNBC= Free Name Brand Coupon
GFIC= General Foods International Coffee
GM BB/BHW=General Mills smp Barbie/HotWheels ..Breakfast Babie upc
GMTA = great minds think alike
HBA = health & beauty aid products
HC = Healthy Choice products
h/f = handling fee
HT = hangtag
IMHO = in my humble opinion
KA pts = Kool Aid points
KSpts= Kellogg Store points
LSASE = large or long self addressed stamped envie
lmk = let me know
LOL = laughing out loud
LTD = limited to certain states, etc...
lyk = let you know
M5M=New Marlboro Miles
mag = usually referring to a refund magazine
M+ = Money plus offer
MM = Minute Maid
MUM = Marlboro Unlimited Miles
naz= name, address, and zip
NB = name brand
NBQ= name brand qualifer
ned = no expiration date
nfn = no form needed
NP = newspaper
nt.wt = net weight statement from product
oas= one any size
1-4-1 = trade one item for another
pc = phone card
phcd = phone card
plmk = please let me know
pk = pack
pkg = package
POB = Post office box
POP = Proof of purchase
PP = Purchase price
q or qualifier = this is a upc, proof or purchase of an item or boxtop, as you refund more, you will learn what parts to save
RB= Refundle Bundle, a refund magazine
request list = list of items you are looking for, aka wishlist
RE = Refund Express, a refund magazine
rfd = refund
RMC = Refunding Makes Cents, a refund magazine
ROFL = rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO = rolling on floor laughing my a** off
RW = Refund World, a refund magazine
SAE = self addressed envie
SASE = self addressed stamped envie
SMP = specially marked package
SS = Sunday Suplement coupon inserts
TBB= Teenie Beanie Babies
tear pad = pad of forms, usually found on shelfs or form boards
TMF = Try Me Free (meaning a form that offers just that, try it for free)
Tracing = required tracing from a certain part of the product packaging
upc = universal product code, the barcodes on packages
VS = Virgina Slims 
VDK= Van de Kamp
WSL = while supplies last
:) = smiley face
;) = winky
%-) = smiley with crossed eyes
:-) = smiley
:/ = frown
:-> = evil grin
:`) = crying smiley
@---``--- = long stem red rose or close
}:-) = smiley with part in hair

I'm sure there are other terms out there. This list is just a sample of the ones I use regularly. If you have any questions or comments, plmk.

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