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Q's Wishlist

Please identify all Q's and Please no old or discontinued.
Email me at:


  • Advil 50, 100, 250ct upc
  • Benadrly Cream, Gel, Spray or Stick upc
  • Colgate Total Professional Toothbrush upc
  • Cortaid Maximum Strength Cream 2oz upc
  • Cortaid Intensive Theraphy 2oz upc
  • Dimetapp Quick Dissolve Tablets upc
  • EPT Single or Double Test kit upc
  • Femstat 3 upc
  • Monistat 3 upc
  • Mycelex-7 upc
  • Nasalcrom upc
  • Naturistics Cosmetic Product upc
  • Norwich colored plastic neckband or innter foil seal
  • O.B. Tampons upc
  • One a Day Specialized Supplement upc
  • Orajel Gold upc w/product name
  • PediaCare Fever upc
  • Propa PH upc(NO 6or8oz Astringent Clensers)
  • Reach Toothbrush upc
  • Sally Hansen Lipcolor product upc
  • Stayfree pads
  • Total Hair Fitness for Men 12oz upc
  • Venastat upc
  • Vitasana upc
  • Zantac 75 10ct+ upc

    Ciggy Proofs

  • Carltons
  • C-notes
  • Merits


  • Duracell mulit pack upc
  • Friskies Dry Cat food upc
  • Kodak Fun Saver Camera upc
  • Kodak Royal Gold film upc
  • Kodak Gold Max film upc
  • Quaker State POP seal from case, any kind
  • Snuggle Dryer Sheets 20, 40, or 80ct
  • Wisk/Surf/All 42load upc


  • Bean Cuisine Soup upc
  • Carroll Shelby's Chili only this code 72396-10000(need 2)
  • Capri Sun Canister upc
  • Fisher Boy Cool Treasure Pts
  • Heinz Ketchup 40oz upc
  • Kelloggs Smart Start boxtops dated 12/1/99 or later(need 2)
  • Kool Aid 8 or 12qt upc
  • Kool Aid pts
  • Planet Lunch Ploids
  • Smuckers Ice Cream Topping(any, Spoonable, Dove Toppings, Magic Shell, Sundae Syrup or Micro squeeze btl)net weight statements

    Other things I can always use

    Any Freeride upc's(lmk what you have)
    Free Coupons

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